hi guys

this is my problem

i have an cultural event in my college

so i need to make a program for registration of people participating in the event

that is when a person comes to the event he will come to the registration counter

then he will tell us his the following details
id (this will be generated by us)
college code
events that he wants to participate

then i take down all the details in a html form and pass it to a php script which will store it in mysql database

then when its time for an event i make a query to the mysql database to give me a list of people participating in that particular event

then i take a print out and give it to the organizer of that event

i did all this in a html page

now my question is can i use flash for all the above purpose (not flash embedded in html but pure flash , that is i should not use a browser , i must a flash projector file if possible)

no browser involved , this is to make that more beautifull

i know how to handle form in flash and pass it to a php script but then when the flash file passes it to php script then i will be taken to a html page

i dont want that to happen

i want to remain in my flash movie itself
just like vb can do it i want to do it in flash (just like vb)

so my question is , is this thing possible or not
thanks guys

please tell me

if it is possible then gimme some hint on hopw to do it

thanks again

keenly awaiting a solution for this

thanks again