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Thread: browser loads flash - but links don't work

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    Why is this?

    My flash page's actionscript links used to in all browsers as long as they had the plugin - now my flash loads - except the actionscript links don't work - even if my browser has the latest flash plugin. In this case, the browser just laods a new window - without the URL I specified using a button & "on_release" using actionscript.
    Do you think this because of the new flash MX player reading my older flash swf's incorrectly?

    Or is there something wrong I'm doing - in actionscripting or something? This is only happening to Flash 5.O swf's that I uploaded months ago. I don't get it.

    The actionscript links from these three flash swf's work in some browsers but not others:



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    Yeh, I'm getting the same thing, exept mine is Flash 6.0

    Anyone got a solution?

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    I just discovered this problem too and the only thing that I have found that has made it work was the flash player needs to be 10.1 (at least on macs). 10.0 would load the page and even play the movie clip but the links wouldn't work and when I updated flash to 10.1, everything worked fine. I tried this one two seperate macs that were having this issue and it worked both times!

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