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Thread: swift 3D - how does it work ?

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    Hello !

    Is there someone who knows how to transform shapes in Swift 3D ? I mean, basic shapes are sphere, text ... How to transfom the sphere as it's possible in Macromedia Flash. For example i'd like to make a box 3D shape ...

    Thanx !

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    Sounds like you are using V1...in V2 there is a cube primitive. As I recall, you also couldn't scale the primitives along any axis, which you can in V2.

    If you want a solid cube, then create a square that is a simple filled shape (no lines) in Flash and export as an .EPS. Import this into Swift3D and match the depth setting to the height and width. If you want an open box, do the same thing but make the depth smaller and copy/paste until you have all the sides to the box. Next, position appropriately.

    You can't morph a sphere into a cube, however, if that's what you were asking.

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    If you do have V1, you can type a period in Arial font (a full stop) and the change the sizes to height=5 length=5 depth=0.5. Remove the bevel and you have a cube.

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