Hello everyone,

I am new when it comes to the 3D arena and I want to start adding 3D stuff into my web and Flash designs etc. So far I am interested in Swift 3D, but since there is no trial version to download I need your expert advice.

Can you use Swift 3D in other ways, besides Flash? For Example, making raster or still images to export into Photoshop or Fireworks. I looked on at the features etc. and it looks like it will do it. Just to make sure.

Do you recommend this product?

Besides Swift 3D, I tried out Amorphium Pro. It can export in Flash Format. For the price it seem like you can do a lot with it. So far I like it and I am thinking about getting this. Anybody tried this program before? Do you reccomend this program?

Also, Discreet is coming out with a new product, due in the next few months called Plasma. It is used for the web and I think more. If anybody checks this out, please let me know what you think.

Thanks everyone for your time and assistance,