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Thread: Looking for encryption / decryption actionscript

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    Hi everybody,

    I'm looking for a reasonable secure way to send XML to and from the server. Yes, I can use SSL to send, but to load requires continious polling. The XMLSocket is a blast, but is not secure. Macromedia kind a tips MD5, which is closer to a checksum algorythem than a encryption solution, but ok.

    This question has been asked numerous times, but never properly answered. So is there any encryption / decryption actionscript out there. I could write some, character shifting stuff, but that's to easy. Anything harder will frustate my lack of mathematic background.

    Any help is appreciated. TIA


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    Run it over SSL, otherwise your gonna have fun coding up Encryption, you cant use bitwise manipluation in Actionscript yet anyway(required for andvanced encryption).

    Otherwise you can always write a quick and dirty cipher.


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