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Thread: How do I target a frame label

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    ok, after my preloaded the movie my main movie goes to frame 40 and stops. On that frame I have a movie clip that plays. we will call this movie CLIP1

    When clip one reaches its last frame I want the root timeline to jump to frame 60 and stop.

    I tried labeling frame 60 or the root timeline jump1

    Now I set up an action on the last frame of CLIP1 as follows

    with (root.jump1) {
    gotoAndStop("Scene 1", "jump1");

    IT gives me an error object not found.
    How do I target a frame label rather than a movie clip instance?

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    I think I understand what you are talking about. Try setting the action script to expert mode (the arrow in the corner) and typing in

    _root.gotoAndStop("scene 1", "jump1");

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    Nope :-(

    Well, I gave that a try with no luck, I am going to take a break for an hour and then I will be back to figure it out. If the answer doesn't get posted and I find out what I am doing wrong I will post it.

    until then...

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    I just tried out a test one.
    some food for thought.

    don't forget the underscore infront of root.

    try (in the last frame of your movie clip)

    there isn't really anything else i could say. the other way you can do it is

    tellTarget ("_root") {

    I hope you have more success!

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    Thanks Much

    That did the trick! I guess I was just over complicating things.

    Thanks for the help.


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