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Thread: unloadsound? vs. StopAllSounds

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    Hi...first of all I know about the flash player 6 bug so this is kind of a general question for when they fix it! I'm triggering 10 mp3's located on a server from buttons in the flash movie. Here's the thing....I've added a "stopallsounds" command to all the buttons to stop other mp3's from playing when the user hit a new song button. Will the "stopallsounds" also stop the playing mp3 from continue to load or will it just kill the actual sound (Audio). I'm wondering if I should add some kind of "unloadsound" command.......if there even is such a thing? I'mean there is a unloadmovie so it would be logical to have a unloadsound as well? Hmmmm......Anyway I just wanna make sure that the mp3's don't load in the background and eat up all the bandwidth? Thanks much...!

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    stopAllsounds should work fine. To make sure, you can always set your action on the button to stop all sounds and then create a mvi clip that holds 10 frames (one frame per each sound) and use a with command to have the mvi clip jump to the frame containing the respective sound and a stop action after youve stopped all sounds. Or not. =p

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