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Thread: Flash Detection

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    I am trying to use the flash detection from Macromedia's site that comes with the deployment kit.

    It looks to be set up to detect flash 5 and if you have flash 4 to upgrade.

    What do I need to change for it to detect flash 6 and if you have anything less than that to upgrade.

    What do I need to put in the second line of code for the flash 6 version player?

    Is it 6,0?
    playerVersion = eval("$version");
    Version = substring(playerVersion, 5,1);

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    Brian Monnone
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    I don't think you have the right detection kit. There is one for the Flash MX player. It's really quite cool actually. It uses VBS and JB to detect Flash and if that fails it falls back on the Flash swf file just like the Flash 5 detection kit! You can get it here:



    - Sigma

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