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Thread: Flix Does Not Use Sorenson Spark

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    Many have asked the question if Flix uses the Sorenson Spark codec. The answer is no, Sorenson has not licensed the Spark codec to Wildform.

    If you desire to use the Sorenson Spark codec you have two options - 1) Use the basic version found in MX or 2) Use the Pro version that comes with Sorenson Squeeze.

    Additionally Sorenson Squeeze is the only tool available for exporting to the .FLV format.

    For more information check http://www.sorenson.com

    PS - Be carefull when viewing the Wildform Flix Forum. The moderator (the Wildform CEO) will censor your comments if they are not pro Flix. I've had it happen to me about a dozen times today alone!!!!! Therefor you will not get both sides of the story at that forum. Hopefully the owners of this website will step in and resolve this problem soon. Censorship is the worst thing you could have in a open forum such as this.

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    I can see where Flix is probably "flipping" out right now....

    - Sigma

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