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Thread: More clues to our sound nightmare...

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    Ok, so I'm doing this maddd site where we have to stream audio for a bunch of bands. blah blah, anyway I fell into the nightware of trying to get dynamically loaded mp3s to work properly. And in my struggles I came to realize that it HAS to be flash mx bug issue with Internet Explorer.

    I found this other site.
    The developer doesn't seem to know that his mp3 player doesn't work right in IE 6.

    Goto the url above. Then goto SCRIPTLAB->FLASH 6->F04
    First try it in Netscape. Works awesome for me. Then try it in IE. It seems to be messing up, although I'm not sure exactly by what.

    NOW, can anyone tell me what the F*CK is going on?


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    Works fine with my IE 6

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