ok, getting there.
thanks for all the info and tips so far, unfortunately I am still so "not" when it comes to actionscripting.

any hlp would be appreciated/.

have my simple preloader bar( from a lovely flash tutorial)
that is a movie clip with the following actionscript in the first frame of the movie clip

perc = Math.round((_parent.getBytesLoaded()/_parent.getBytesTotal())*100);
xperc = perc/100;
barlength = 200;
if ((perc == 100) and (bar._width == barlength)) {
} else {
nperc = perc+"%";
bar._width = barlength*xperc;
bar._x = -100+(bar._width/2);

i would like to get this script to look at a movie that is
is being loaded into _level1 of the _parent movie.

so instead of

what do i need to put there, i tried different variations
of _parent_level1, and using the movie name e.g movie.swf etc.
if anyone could tell how i need to alter this to get it to read a movie that is being loaded into level1 that would be much appreciated!
i realise that it is very similar to other fixes posted here, but actionscript just doesnt come naturallike and i dont seem to be able to alter those to get mine to work
thanks no matter wat