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Thread: 3d swift help needed!!

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    i am a complete 3d newbie. i have been doing 2d animation for a while now, and i am just getting fed up with having to animate 3d stuff in 2d. i mostly have a graphic style, so i really enjoy flash, so swift sounded like a godsend. however after purchasing it i am completely lost.

    so... from that statement it is obvious that i dont know much about swift at all. first of all i just wondered if any1 knows of any good tutorials online for the program?

    on more of a specific note i was curious as to whether u can wrap bitmaps around shapes. basically i am trying to create a globe that spins. essentially it doesnt have countries on or anything like that - just longitude and latitude lines, a grid if you will.

    what would be the easiest way to achieve this effect?

    oh, and please - an idiots guide, dont assume i know much at all, cos i dont!

    thanks in advance.

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    Welcome HARKONEN,

    The easiest and fastest way to become an expert at Swift 3D is read the user guide and go through the online tutorials:

    - http://www.erain.com/default.asp?section=learn

    You will find links on this page to several very helpful tutorials. I would also recommend reading past posts on this board. I am sure you will find answers to all your questions including your bitmap texturing question.

    Quick answer - you cannot add bitmaps to objects in Swift 3D since it's a pure vectore graphic program. You can do this in Flash. Several past posts talk about this and can be found by typing "bitmap texture" into the advacned search field above this board. Here is a result from this search:


    Good luck.


    Team Erain

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    safe m8.

    46 views and only 1 reply. do i smell or something??

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    nothing is up. your question would be answered by reading the manual or by searching the 3D Forums (Swift3D and the 3D forums here at FK) would help out on questions that have been answered in the past countless times.

    and to be truthful, cubedflash answered it best

    take it easy, and have fun learning the tools.

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