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Thread: risky business

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    If this topic has been run into the ground, I apologize. That said, as a Design Professional how risky is it to author and publish MX websites without use of the cumbersome and unattractive MX Deployment Kit? I can't afford to lose clients because they've yet to install / upgrade the MX Player (and, subsequently, merely receive a blank screen of death), and I refuse to disappoint clients who commission work (especially work inclusive of video clips ... which MX is all about!) for the same reason.

    I've heard 6 - 9 months until the MX Player is universally accepted ... True?

    BTW, I love MX for Intercative CDs (.exe). A dream tool!

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    Yes, 6-9 months is a good estimate.

    This time around, I think it will be nearer to 6 months, as the plugin is propogating faster than ever before - which could be an issue thanks to the streaming bug.


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