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Thread: Uploading .SWF to HTML Site

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    I need your help. I just finished my movie for my site's entrance page and I tried to upload it two ways. 1 way it sayd there isnt enough memory that is as a .swf file I then saved the movie as a .html file to make that my opening page. It uploaded but when opened up nothing appears except the black screen on Explorer. Can someone help me figure this out so I can get my front page up and running good. How should I save it. Help Me Please

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    You need your opening page to be index.html. This page should contain the script to call the .swf. You'll need to upload both the .html AND the .swf.

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    I'm guessing the file size for your swf is too big.
    either that or you have too many programs open when you are exporting

    you can't just save an swf file as an html file

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