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Thread: How to open an URL in an new window?

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    Dear friends. I have a question. How can I open an URL ina a new window? Thanks for your attention.

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    So this would probably have been better posted in either the Newbies or General Flash forum, but since it's an easy answer I'm going to throw you a bone. I will also mention since you are new to the forum that it is always best to look through previous posts and to use the search function in the upper right corner of the page to look for your answers before posting a question that has been answered a great many times already. In addition to avoiding the flak that I am currently tossing your way, it is often quicker than waiting for someone to respond. And oh yeah, Welcome to Flash Kit.

    In Flash, open up the Actions Panel and double-click "getURL" under the Basic Actions. In the drop-down box where it says Window, choose "_blank".

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