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    I'm trying to do a simple scroll effect in swish v2 and it isn't working.

    I create a body of text and turn it into a sprite and call it text.

    I next used two image "arrow" fonts as buttons. These I also turn into sprites called sprite1 and sprite 2.

    Sprite1 is supposed to make the text sprite slide out to top on roll over and stop on roll out

    Sprite2 is supposed to make the text slide out to bottom on roll over and stop on roll out.

    I tried to do this by having the elements fade in and set stop at scene 10. The button sprite1 told target "text" to go to scene 11 where the slide out to top over 50 frames command was. (it was followed by a stop command after the 50th frame) Sprite2 said the same only to go to frame 53 where the slide out to bottom command was.

    This seemed correct, but it does not work. I was unsure if the tell target command that lists the text sprite needed the / before it (as in /text) I tried it both ways and it didn't work. The "help" section also showed using .. as in ../text I did not try this as this seemed to pertain to items in multiple scenes. It will only be a 2 scene movie, and this action will take place in scene 2, and the elements involved appear only in scene two.

    Where am I screwing up? Much thanks in advance.


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    There's a tutorial on TELL TARGET at TOTAL-IMPACT. It has helped many members from TOTAL-IMPACT.

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