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Thread: Answers to 90% of the daily annoyances on this board

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    A long term project I'm working on
    A flash developer app suite that anticipates some of the thousands of variables that cross browser/platform development headaches we go through. The tools give flash developers a set of tolerances to code within during the onset of their projects. Whether they have a target audience or are simply struggling to maintain compatibility, this should aide many a developer.

    It seems that most everyone in the design community battles compatibility issues routinely- as they've become the 'accepted' problems of the profession. Everyone's got their own routines for these and other common design problems- if you'd like to share your experiences, email me.

    Currently I'm working solo- but I see greater potential in a community-driven project. I'd like to turn it over to a completely FUBU type gig (for us by us- yeah like the jeans). I'm pretty friggin' busy battling these issues as a developer, but I'd love to discuss - eventually I'll get back to all emails- post your insight here for general discussion-

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    sounds great, although by the time it arrive i'm sure all the issues will have changed. let me know if i can help.

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    nice idea, the problem is that not too many people have time to work in community projects.

    Is there a link with more info about your project. plans, structure, deadlines?


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