hey everyone,
basically, i want to change a few properties, such as position and size of my dynamically loaded jpg. but supposodly i cant change these properties unless the jpg is fully loaded, this makes sense.
i have a blank movie clip called 'forGpic' (for gallery pic) and i do a loadMovie("pic/pic1.jpg",forGpic);
now, that works fine, but if i try and do a forGpic._width = 10; or something like that, it wont work.
how do i check and wait for the jpg to load? maybe is there another way that i should load the jpg? or a on(success) or something?
i did a trace(forGpic.getBytesLoaded+" of "+forGpic.getTotalBytes) and in my output window i get the perfect output, but how would i write the code after the loadMovie function so that it keeps cheking the the bytes loaded == total bytes until they equal and then it sets my properties?
any replys are greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.