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Thread: Browsers Supporting Flash?

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    I am pretty new to Flash, can anyone tell me what Browsers / Versions support flash? Or does someone need to always download the flash player if it is not on their machine?

    Thanks very much!


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    The leading browsers, the ones you need to be concerned with anyway - IE4+, Nescape4+, Opera and iCab - can all play flash movies (.swfs) provided the plugin is installed. The likes of Lynx (text-based brwosers), not a chance.

    Some of the scripting might perform differently from browser to browser. But, again, nothing significant to really worry about.

    Embedded within the HTMLscript generated when you publish a movie is a redirecting link to the download page (pluginspage), in case the user doesn't have the plugin installed. The most recent browser versions support this.

    According to the macromedia website, 98.3% of web users have a Flash Player installed.


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