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Thread: 'multi player games (on net)

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    hi everybody,
    can anybody tell me how can i make a multi player game with flash , what are the perfect tools to use?? asp ---- php---xml ???? i want to make it in a simple example at first,

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    Well, probably your number 1 challenge will be working out the game, and how to build the game.

    If you need real time interactive stuff you will want to use a XML Socket server so that as soon as one player makes a move the other player knows about it.

    However depending on your games you might not want to go to those extremes. As a sample app to get you started why don't you build a chat application. This will let you get the basics of Flash and multi user interactivity nutted out before you attempt to build it with a game.

    As for tools the best tools will be the ones you are familar with. For me I typically use: Flash, PHP, and Java, (possibly Perl) but that is only a personal preference.

    Have a look at the FAQ for info on Flash and XML.




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