I'm encountering a problem with the PIXEL fonts that open in this new window.

When I test the SWF from within FLASH, all the text looks great.

When I open the SWF file on it's own, all looks fine.

When I click the button whos attached JAVAScript opens a new browser window containing this SWF, the text becomes blurry.

I have checked all text placement within the SWF and everything is A.O.K. In looking over the JAVAScript I see nothing that would make me think the SWF is being resized. What might be causing this kind of problem.

Where should I look????

This is the JAVAScript I am using:

on (release) {
getURL ("'ShowPopup.php' ,'newWin','width=525,height=600,left=0,
top=0,toolbar=Yes,location=No,scrollbars=Yes,statu s=Yes,
resizable=No,fullscreen=No'); NewWindow.focus(); void(0);");