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    Im working with my flash movie in a projector.exe ....Well I created a button to get a web site..www.gulottas.com
    Im trying to figure out how come it doesnt work like that. It does not get the link. I have it set to _blank
    Is there some rule against getting URLS with projector or something? HELP!

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    I have the same problem.... it works fine for mac projector but not on pc (.exe)

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    There are a few know problems when using URL with a Projector file.

    You can use JWEB to overcome these problems.

    Why do I need to use JWeb when I can use



    The advantages of using JWeb rather than GetUrl, is that

    1. It will work on all Windows operating systems.

    2. The browser window will always appear on top of the projector file and not behind it.

    3. Each link you load up will open in the same browser window.

    4. It's FREE.



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    thanks.. one thing though... is it possible to use JWEB on the mac? I'm working on mac but need to create projector for both mac and pc...

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    JWen will only work for the PC, the GETURL for the Mac is ok we thinks.

    You can use the PC Projector file created on your Mac.

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    ummm I used "get url" then created both mac projector and pc projector (.exe) my problem is that the web link in the pc projector doesn't work...

    did I do something wrong? any suggestion?

    thanks again

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    PLEASE read the Help file to see how this works. It explains all in there.

    See also


    But if you don't have a PC you will not be able to install JWeb installation file.

    So you need a PC.

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    is anyway to do this without using JWEB?

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