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Thread: [Resolved] [Resolved] 48 hours of eye strain & a big headache...Pixel fonts....Bah

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    I have been learning the correct use of pixel fonts. i seem to be doing perfectly okay when the fonts are placed on the stage directly. They look fine here. But once I convert them into a movie clip or even a button, they go haywire. I have tried everything, but no...didnt help. Pls let me know if there is a specific way of rectifying this problem.

    Thanks in advance..

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    If you are learning 'how to use pixelfonts correctly', I suggest you to read a guide. You can find a very good one (explained with illustrations) on http://www.miniml.com .
    ... or you can find some answers/tips in some FK-fontthreads

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    keep in mind

    nothing looks as it should look in de flash preview (CTRL+ENTER).
    Always look in de browser how it looks (press F12 or press publush in the flash menu)

    good luck,
    P.S I had the same probs, now it's working fine...
    But yeah, I think macromedia may have a look at the font probs..

    see ya Frank (holland)

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