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Thread: Assistance please fellow Flashers

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    Please check that this site runs properly especially preloaders my modem is flipping strait through them this is the curse of having cable when you are designing many thanks
    Comments and input very wellcome.

    site http://www.truewoods.co.uk

    The infinite G
    If you are into seeing something totally different check out my home page


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    nice site. the font of the text that came up after clicking one of the three main buttons was the only thing i didnt like. the image scroller thing was cool too.

    your homepage didnt work

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    Thanks mate, agree with the text issue have to resolve that somehow. I am using text boxes and ActionScript to bring them up.

    Sorry about home page remedied the link got my com's mixed up with my co.uk thingy's


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    "Don't worry, you didn't see me"

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    I am so refreshed by your site. That may sound odd, what I mean is that it istruly refreshing to see a truly original design of a commercial website.
    Upon loading the page, I was a little put back by the brown, seeing how "newbie-ish" it is usually used.
    But this site, uses it in a way, to a degree that can really only be compared to the stylish reintroduction of the color by UPS.
    The only thing that really looked out of place was the pre-preloader, which is either a font that I don't have and you didn't embed it if its dynamic or you purposely made it in Times New Roman, which looks really bad in Flash. I'd try Almonte Woodgrain:

    That would look nice there. Or use the same font as on the right of the site. Then it will really look coherent throught the site.

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    Must say...
    I don't usually like pop-ups, infact they usually really irritate me, but this time, they were well used. I really really dig the squirrel and stuff in your pre-loaders. The brown was also very well done.

    It does look a TON like your personal site though.

    A special note about your pesonal site. I love how you have the intro. It shows the box around the Flash content and then.. hey wait a minute.. the whole page is flash!
    very nice!


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    MRXYPAXN Thanks for your input and vote of confidence will check out the font you suggested. The main preloader is dynamic me thinks I will try tweak it somehow though.
    Thanks again

    HUGEPANZY the wood site is in a way part mine being an active partner in the business, which was really cool when designing it no irritating client going ahhh cant you just move that one pixel to the left and all that. Glad you enjoyed my personal site
    Thanks again for your comments

    The infiniteG

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