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Thread: www.rastyle.com

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    Check out this one: http://www.rastyle.com

    Feedback on design, prices and flash promo is welcome!

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    nice work!
    one suggestion:
    make the intro movie music fade in for about 1 sec...because its kinda a SUDDEN load burst..looks real nice though!

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    very nice....i think the page selection screen could have been a little bit nicer tho...do something with teh style of the rest of the pages instead of that wierd four box thing...otherwise...really nice

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    I dunno... I kinda dig the four box thing. Not to offend Klavis, I just like it. Especially when the image gets all big and stuff.

    The thing I didn't like (ironically) was in the the four box thing. The words become all greyed out in the links that are next to the link you are choosing when you are over the images... kinda wierd. Also, the images don't get huge unless you go over the words.. if this is what you intended.. cool.. if not.. I might give some thought to fixing it.


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    That language selection page is awful, nothing like the rest of the site. Change it to something that would match the nice quality of the design influence throughout the rest of it.
    I like the Flash promo, but the navigation at the top of the HTML part looks a little too "predictable", and reminds me too much of Netscape.
    You have good design skills, keep up the good work.

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    the website itself looked very good. i would change the font though. the intro wasn't bad but the loader looked a little bit cheap.

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    Thanks everyone!

    It's our first work, so we don't expect too much from it. Anyway, will try to do something to the flash promo.

    mrxypaxn, could you please tell what exactly is wrong with the language selection page?

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    Post whoa!!

    I think that's all i can say! WOW...

    I've seen a lot of flash in my day - heheh - and what I have to say is,

    - I absolutely love the beggining of your intro - the letters bit is very amusing, and quite intersting

    - I like the feel of the site
    - nice graphics
    - logo is awesome
    - nice icons =-)

    - Simple, effective corperate site.
    - not boring, and not too complex - you've mastered that.
    - nice, inviting colours. =-)

    Few changes (perhaps) - sudden realization

    - During the intro (as well as before intro), include a 'skip intro' button (maybe i missed it during the intro).

    - I think you should include a 'roll over' type image that appears when you 'roll-over' some un-marked buttons such as the sound-on, sound-off. =-)

    Overall - Impressed!! =-)


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