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Thread: Photoshop6 - Image?

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    Just a quick question.

    I have seen some images over the last few months and they look like if they have been faded half way down to the colour white.

    How is this done?

    Thanks for your help!!!!

    Surf Boy

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    It always helps if you have a sample pic to post.

    But I'm gonna give this a try anyway. There's a ton of diferent methods. Try this one.

    Make a selecttion around the image with the lasso
    Feather the selection (select-feather) How many pixels depends on the image dimensions. Try like 50 first
    Set the bg color to white
    Invert the selection (ctrl alt i)
    Then hit delete

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    Go to menu tab...

    On Pop up Pallet Look for very bottom scroll bar, grab black button, drag button to right. You will see your image adjust in contrast. Or mess around with all the draggable buttons..

    Another way would be to copy your background into another layer, Paint Background white, and adjust copied layer to 20% opacity or what ever looks good

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