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Thread: How do he do this?

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    Site has a lot of stuff. What part are you talking about?

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    the scripting work and the flash

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    all i saw was horrible horrible colors that made my eyes sad.

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    Me 2 heheheh

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    looks like very oldskool flash, and yes, the colours are horrible.

    I hate to see preloaders with all that information, why do people put it there, as if anyone is interested further that the loading bar. Every site I see with it screems THIS SITE IS GOING TO BE S**T

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    Yes it is **** but funny and the preloader i like it i see my internet connection speed.

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    Originally posted by djashuard
    How did he do this?
    he crapped his pants and put it on a page.

    (meaning, I don't know why you would care, its horrible, design, colors and everything.)

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    man, thats incredible.

    how do people have the guts to put their name to that stuff?

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    Yes i think he is sick in his head!

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    gonna talk Dutch because i know the guy who made this site .. he s been called "djashuard"

    hey djashuard op flashkit gelden de zelfde regels als op Flashfreaks .. Don't post ur own 'crap' in de coffee lounge daarvoor bestaat de flash site check topic

    mvg Wimpers aka zeverman

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