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Thread: controlling movie playback with cursor

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    can I control the way a movie plays from play to reverse with a cursor moving left to right. When the cursor is moved off the area the movie stops only to restart when the cursor is back in a hit area.

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    Here is an example of using the mouse x position to control start and stop of the movie.


    To make it play in reverse is a bit more tricky. You're going to have to map out everything(events at least) to its individual keyframes and then set up any move/morph events twice(once forward and once in reverse). It may actaully be simpler to map out an entire child movie so that it is going in reverse, and set a variable for every keyframe so that when you change direction(hide the forward movie and show the reverse movie) you can match them up to the correct keyframe, this could be done using an 'if' statement based on the keyframes variables.


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