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Thread: Help Pre-Loading an external swf

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    I'm working on a CD rom wich contains some basic info and some embeded quicktime movies, since the SWF movie was getting to big I divided it into smaller movies and just loaded them on to an index.swf whenever you click on a button. Problem is whenever I click on a button that will load one of these smaller movies it kinda freezes for a minute and then plays the movie fine. Is there a way to have a pre-loader that will make it not freeze?

    How do i do this? Any input is apreciated.

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    Put a preloader on the first frame of every movie you are loading. It should take care of the problem.

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    I tried that but, it freezes before it loads the new movie. I am calling with a button that when clicked calls this action:

    on (release) {
    loadMovieNum("STRATEGIC.swf", 1);

    when i click it it freezes!, So I was thinking if instead load smaller SWF that will have a loading animation, and have a pre-loading "STRATEGIC.swf" and then go to and play STRATEGIC.swf... is this possible?

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    if the work is for a cd-rom, then why do you even care about the size, and download? If it is becouse it takes to much time to test the big movie during the progress, have all the movies being loaded at one time, but stoped at their first frame, which should be an empty frame.

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    Let me try stopping it at the first frame

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