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Thread: Making a grid using PhotoShop 7.0

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    hello, i am wondering if anyone can give me a few pointers and tips for photoshop 7.0, i have lots of filters, but i don't know how to make a plain grid..... please help me!

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    Hi lots of ways to do this

    heres my way:

    ok created a new document eg 15 pix x 15 pix
    select the pencil tool, and use the smallest brush (1 pixel) draw a straight line down the middle and another across (in the middle) u should now have a plus sign +

    ok on a pc do ctrl + a, on mac apple/option a
    this selects all the canvas

    go to edit in the menu, and select define pattern

    go now to the document u want the grid on and go to edit again, then select fill, u have options in there

    in the drop down menu select pattern, and it will fill the doc with a grid

    thats it

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    good example, however, it doesn't have to be a 15x15 grid. It can be any numerical size, as long as it's an odd number.
    5x5 and 9x9 work well for smaller ones. You place the grid on it's own layer, and manipulate the layer settings to get the desired effect.

    btw, though you're asking for square grids, it's kind of cool to mess around with different patterns, such as placing single pixels in the center, but not touching the edges. I'd put some examples up, but I'm trying to get my server organized before uploading much of anything to prevent a horrid mess about 6 months down the road when I want to clean it all up.

    take care,


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    sorry, that didn't work, any other ways?

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    revise all the steps, the previous procedements, are correct, they work, period.

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    i know they do

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    ok, well thanks

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    that's a cool tip.
    I learned something new.
    THANKS aaAlot GUYS!!!!!

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