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    I read Eddie's article on Flash on cell phones and WAP. WAP looks as though it is going to be really big in Australia at the moment with our largish ISP/Telco expecting to have over 1,000,000 customers using WAP enabled phones in 12 months. I tried to get get a WAP phone yesterday (Nokia 7110) and was told I would have to wait TWO months due to an orders back log.

    I am just wondering what everyone out there thinks and if anyone is actually writing any WAP stuff yet. Looks like and area to watch closely. Tell me what you think.

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    Hmmm... Late again. I just find this excellent site and I miss out on a decent article.

    I've just started a really new web-design company here in the UK, and we're looking at what we can do that's different to make our mark, so to speak.

    Currently I'm researching into WAP - I've already downloaded the development kit from Nokia and looked into the WAP and Bluetooth stuff from the WAPForm.

    BUT - if someone has been discussing Flash and WAP - I can only say one thing - WOW!

    Where can I find a copy of that article???

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    Eddie's article is in the news forum, but here is a copy anyway

    Flashkit News
    Macromedia Flash is today the industry standard for online web animation. A new partnership forged between Macromedia and Intuwave, developer of innovative wireless data services and applications, earlier this week, is set to push this high-impact, vector-based technology along the track to delivering its content to wireless devices.

    Intuwave will port Flash technology to the Symbian Platform. Founded by Ericsson, Matsu****a, Motorola, Nokia and Psion, Symbian is an industry consortium that promotes standards for the interoperability of wireless information devices with wireless networks, content services, messaging, and enterprise wide solutions. Existing Macromedia Flash content will be viewable on wireless devices that include the Macromedia Flash Player ported by Intuwave. Flash content is ideal for mobile devices due to its compact, bandwidth-friendly file size and ability to scale to any aspect ratio.

    Intuwave will demonstrate wireless applications based on the Macromedia Flash
    platform at CeBIT 2000.

    "Macromedia Flash technology provides an excellent combination of compact
    performance and features that make it an ideal content authoring and delivery
    format for wireless devices," said Jeremy Burton, President and Chief Operating
    Officer of Intuwave. "We have chosen Macromedia Flash as the base for the
    development of our own wireless services and I am sure that, given the huge
    existing installed base of Macromedia Flash development tools, many other
    developers will too."

    "Macromedia Flash is the industry standard for the delivery of interactive,
    high-impact content on the Internet. Developers will now be able to leverage
    their existing Flash expertise and content in the rapidly growing wireless
    market," said Kevin Lynch, executive vice president and general manager for
    Macromedia. "Companies like Intuwave are leading the way with some very
    exciting wireless applications and we are very happy to be working with them to
    make Macromedia Flash the ideal platform for these applications."

    "With our standard, open platform, Symbian enables third-party companies to
    provide innovative content and technology solutions for end users," said Juha
    Christensen, Executive Vice President, Symbian. "Macromedia Flash is the
    standard for delivering vector-based content and Intuwave's partnership with
    Macromedia will bring a wide-range of interactive wireless media for users of
    Symbian devices."

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    I found a site that helped me quite a bit in understanding what WAP was all about, hope this site can help, theres a few other links to like GPRS stuff as well.


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    Yes I have worked with WAP a bit but I'm not sure what you mean with "actually writing any WAP stuff"... do you mean flash and WAP or just WML???

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    10000 stuff

    stop spamming flashkit please.
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