In the midnight with half moon. Pomper play his IBM computer in own house with very proud. At that moment ...

It's goust come from monitor. but It's not occasionally that there have two world from world. Monitor just a more choice suit for connection between two world. Average goust who want go to people world must application with agency by limited doing things not benefit for people. However application a cat agency many goust can illegal to people world.

The goust ,she called Lias application with top cat. She eager protect as illegal so she use her beauty attract Pomper.Pomper love Lias very much,but...

Nice live no more than long time, Lias was tied with Pomper as his common . Final she killed Pomper.

As a goust she is. She came back her world because she can't live without Pomper's money. Now she miss Pomper.

Lias has a daughter who is a result by Lias and spider. Lias didn't like spider as his prelife.

Lias often dreamed Pomper.She find herself love Pomper more and more with time passing. One day she failed as ill.

With her way to hospital she meet tow guy. One is spider .One is big moustache who was a son of hospital major. With a travale visa big moustache coming this world.

By seen this beautiful girl ,big moustache has a bad idea.spider can't help fighte moustache.

But spider is weak because follow Lias all day and all night. So he defeated by big moustache.

Lias slip his mouth for terrified big moustache .As a result she successed.

With final man do what he do. Lisa decided go to hospital with spider.

Trouble often come at not neccessay time. Thought the world need money to top cat. Lias have no money that she use it all as before.

This time come a man say :" I have" .Yes it is. It's Pomper he is comeback.

Lias effected . She cry and cry that water killed all man from the world. She realized she is a god of cry as her prelife.

All man was killed. So she decided go to Mars to continue her story.

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