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Thread: New York Flash Site

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    the last version of my site is online :


    Feel free to give your opinion.

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    don't like the idea that every link I click I have to wait for another page to load...I'm seeing more loading bars than content...not efficient and won't keep the visitor around...I

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    It's a very large site, so you've obviously put a lot of work in it! But I have some comments though. I do have a cable connection and a high performant pc but everything is way too slow. The intro, the (powerpoint...) men-buttons beneath are way to slow. You have to wait ages untill you can see what the buttons actually do. I clicked a part of the map, some sort of pop up came up, had to wait ages to see what is actually said... "this link is under construction, come back later". This is very bad for my metabolic system... I think you actually put too much time in developing the site and kind of got caught up in it. Try thinking of another way to present the pictures to the audience in stead of putting more and more content into the site. When I finally got to see some pictures, I saw something I liked and loaded fast. I liked the wayed they enlarged when you roll over them.
    Just try to lighten things up. Don't use so many different colors, not so many different type of fonts.
    So, your flash skills seem to be very good, I'm sure you can pull it off!

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    I feel that the site didn't do the pictures justice. You have a keen eye for photos and I didn't realise how beautiful New York is - Very nice.

    Try to keep it as simple as possible, the way each picture fades in and out changed with each area, I liked this as it shows that you can do many different styles, but it all seems too bitty.

    Good luck though, and keep the photography up.

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