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Thread: Gardeners can't flash, Can I?

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    Mar 2002
    I saw nicknames site:

    Wow It really lives up to nicknames high talk.
    nick name, you need a better nick name, cause yours just aint no good.

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    you did not get the point of my post I am saying it is wrong for him to post his with the title "Gardeners can't flash, Can I?"

    I never asked if I could flash but if you must see what I have done and it is horrible (but better than cowan_paul)

    and most of these are about 50% finished
    http://www.myemer.com/trig2.html (30%, no instructions)

    http://myemer.com/cam/index.htm (10% finished)

    to better under stand flash and help out a friend I edited some one elses fla and re-made these intro's(the run time errors are geo cities fault i have no java on the pages)

    and fially heres an example of my art work about 2 years ago when I was about 14-16

    I hope you like and remember

    I did not ask you to tell me if i can flash you asked me I make no claim that I am a flasher(except that I am better than cowan_paul if I did not feel I was better I would not critique him) and i am not trying to brag insult or be mean and I will say sorry a gain becuase some of thse post have been out of frustration all I am trying to do is help and about half the poelpe have agreed with me

    monter boy I really dont apreciate you insulting me feel free to give me pointers and reasons you dont like my site but when I am spending my personal time to be helpful dont just talk $#@$.

    here is a list of people who agreed with me that html would be better and so on:
    Stellios(he was just bieng a jerk though)
    clifgriffin(take his advise he's the best out of every body that posted on your site check)

    I have decided that in the future I wont critique bad sites this has not been a good experience I really never expected imature audience . I know my site is bad but I never said it wasn't cowan thinks his site doesnt suck but the truth is mine does and so does his!!!

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    Apr 2002
    On a scale of 1 to 100, 100 being the best Flash site ever, and 1 being the worst, I'd rate cowan-paul's site a 40 (very respectable for a first try). I'd rate nickname88's work, but I'm trying my best to adhere to the Golden Rule.

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    Leeds, UK
    i did n't start this as a way of knocking, nicknames work, i just thought nickname was very hard on the other guy, some sites are v bad but we should try to help nurture the new guys not knock them down, so they cant (wont) get up.

    i look back at some early stuff i did and smile.

    its about going forward (my opinion)

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    I have ear-mites! Help! MONSTERBOY's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    I just thought it was funny when I saw your site and realized that cowan_paul's is better. my only advice to nickname is: spend less time in forums and more time at the drawing board!

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    Feb 2001
    a couple of comments. im not a fan of repeating the web address on the web site. i dont think you need to do that because its already there for people to see in the address bar in the browser. so i would take out any repeated address you have in your intro, etc. also i think the copy is too big. I use 9 pt. text on print copy, so maybe 10 or 11 pt on web sites. i just find that a typeface designed for copy and NOT display, should be read at a nice comfortable 10 pt. thats all up to you though-- otherwise keep up it going!

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    "There are several different schools of thought on the best type of critique-
    •are you nice and gentle and constructive and kind and patient and full of admiration for baby steps in progress....
    •are you stern and honest and tear down to build up, regardless of hurt feelings, with an eye to preparing a person to be a useful and competent professional by pointing out shortcomings that will ultimately cost an artist jobs in the real world.

    #1 is suitable for rank beginners, grade school children and senior citizens doing art therapy.

    #2 Should be used on people who intend to go pro, other pro's and people who have a financial stake in this excercise. It is more precious then gold, and is a gift if offered free. Its nice if seasoned with a sense of humor but not required.

    Art is like Kung Fu training. Those who spend the ass in seat time emerge victorious, or at least solvent.

    What kind of critique can you handle??"
    this is a qoute from Calligastro

    And I totally agrree with him and I am sorry but I thought cowan was trying to go pro but If he is not I should have been gentler

    now as for me I am planning to go pro so feel free to rip me a new one but be constructive and I am not asking you to rate any of my flash stuff(I already know it sucks) if you must rate me to give me some advice tell me what you think of this html site I made http://www.myemer.com/daazn/index2.html or this promo I made in flash http://www.myemer.com/daazn/pages_files/links.html all crits are welcomed as long as there constuctive not just insults

    you know I am not sure how old monster boy is and all but some one really should teach him respect I have never insulted any one on flash kit but he is aimlessly insulting me just to be mean. I will show this forum to some of the high up mods and complain if he desnt stop just talking #@@$

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    I have ear-mites! Help! MONSTERBOY's Avatar
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    Mar 2002


    We don't need no mo trouble
    what we need is love
    to guide and protect usall
    we don't need nomo trouble
    no, no!

    i'm so scared!

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    ok since evry one thinks I suck. Here I re did the garden page in html:


    http://myemer.com/garden/Example.html (some flash)

    its not all that great but I only spent an hour and a half on the page and flash combined. but it is better than cowan's

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