I know this post is not related to web design but I'm hoping you guys can help me.

I'm setting up a poster / art printing business and I'm looking for a good range of stock photos to offer my clients. The images will mostly be printed at A0 or larger so they need to be a reasonable resolution.

Corel use to offer a range of CD's with 100 18Mb photos on them for around AUD$50. I have hunted the internet and can't find where to purchase them. Do they still exist? I did find some on ebay but the instructions say they will only ship within the USA.

The prints will generally be for limited use eg 1-5 prints. Therefore I don't want to pay AUD$400 every time I want an image from ImageBank or Coribis or alike.

Does anyone have ideas of where I can purchase high res CD's or individual images for low cost?