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    I'm new to this flash movie stuff, and I just got Flash MX. I have no idea how to make a preloader, and for Flash MX, I can't find any tutorials anywhere. I tried the one on this site, but when I put IfFrameLoaded etc. etc., it said trailing garbage on the action command.

    Can anyone help me with either a link or a simple explanation on how to make a basic Flash MX Preloader?

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    Hi, I was like you a couple of months back so happy to help... There have been numerous requests for help with pre-loaders on this site, trawl back and you will find them.

    Also use the 'search'facility on this site with 'preloader' as the buzz word and see what comes up. There are good tutorials on this site too for this, download them, work ythrough them, pick ythem apart and see how they work - in essence it's pure logic...

    If you are new to Flash it is worthwhile starting with the basics and learning as you go - I found The Complete Reference Macromedia Flash MX by Brian Underdahl to be very good.

    PS Anyone out there that wants to set up in business teachiong people how to do pre-loaders will probably make a packet!!!!

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    Try this :-
    Create your preloader page.
    place action script in last frame (key frame) of you preloader

    MovieSize = _root.getBytesTotal();
    LoadedSize = _root.getBytesLoaded();
    PercentLoaded = LoadedSize / MovieSize
    Percent = Math.floor(PercentLoaded*100);

    _root.GrowBar._xscale = Percent //use this line if you want a progress indicator. make a rectangle with an instance name of GrowBar or whatever you want..//

    if (PercentLoaded < 1) {
    else {
    the / Percent = Math.floor(PercentLoaded*100); /
    gives you an integer and drops the 2 decimal points.

    you will need to adapt it of course to point to your labels.

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