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Thread: Young designers, flashers, programmers!

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    Smile Contact Me

    Hey. I'm 17 too and I do stick figure animations. SOme of my work can be seen at http://www.sfdt.com/flash/movies/3480.html

    If you want me to work with your prospective team, email me at averx2001@yahoo.com or IM me. My IM is averx2k1.

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    cough cough

    Originally posted by carlosa69
    This is what I sent everybody who posted interest:

    The Site Team
    carlosgaguilar@yahoo.com - design / director
    federico@agrarias.net - design - layout
    risky@dsl.pipex.com - design - pixels
    tim@timsantor.com - design - futuristic
    ben_debnam@hotmail.com - design - cartoonist
    bombman44@attbi.com - design - intern
    jpike@socal.rr.com - backend
    azflsite@yahoo.com - databasing particularly, php and backend
    fu_ming_xia@hotmail.com - xml / flash, backend
    covenent1@yahoo.com - actionscript (has already started to work with me)
    misha_denil@hotmail.com - actionscript
    Who am I missing??? Think you definitely deserve to be on here? Go ahead send me a letter, convince me (works, examples are good convincers)! The teams are very flexible as of now. I want to see who is making real initiatives.

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    please include a aussie designer?

    I'm also interested? Check out my one n only first flash site on the following link, but I have good design skills in page design/ layout too.
    E-mail me at: info@jokerrdesigns.com.au

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