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Thread: Young designers, flashers, programmers!

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    This sounds cool. keep me posted. justinakin@digicardplus.com

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    ok, sent you guys emails

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    Hello Carlos,

    I like your idea and want to join!
    I am 18 years old and I come from the Netherlands.
    I'm going to study for New Media Design (in september)
    but I have some experience already.

    I can work with:
    Flash, Dreamweaver, Swift 3D, Photoshop, Illustrator,
    Premiere, 3d Studio MAX and Cinema 4D (more to come )

    My e-mail adres: mmillusions@planet.nl
    I'm busy with a site about stereograms but it isn't
    completed/online yet. I will send you the link when it's online.
    (the site is us english also)

    You can see some (dutch) sites created by me...

    >Site for my previous school
    (under construction, test url):

    >Site for a dutch waterski club
    (under construction, test url):

    >Us english site for New Bands Online
    (I'm not the webmaster anymore, designed it):

    I hope to hear from you... Thank you

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    When r u gonna git this thing started?

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    my exams end on the 31st so that is probably when things will really start getting off the ground

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    Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    Good luck with the exams.
    Can't wait to get this thing started, should be fun

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    i am 14 and from canada. i started using flash less than a year ago and now to see what i can do visit my site http://www.advanced-world.com ; i am ready to work and help others contact yongster_xsl@hotmail.com

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    thats a cool site

    I can't honestly say it's too original, I've seen a similar 3D model on one of the swift experimental pages, and the layout is almost identical to 2A, but very well done none the less. AHHHHHHHHH stress! (exams)
    [Edited by carlosa69 on 05-25-2002 at 03:12 PM]

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    Mumbai, INDIA

    Post Interested in your project

    Thats a Great Idea, I'm awaiting for your project to start.

    I am Vicky from India and a Freelance Flash 2D Animator by Profession working for corporate clients. I wanna join you as a animator or a good designer.I worked on Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML, Frontpage, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Sound Forge, Swish, Poser and Swift3d. I think i'm quiet suitable to join you. Please Count me too.

    I'm currently working on my own website and it is in a completing stage.

    Kindly send me datails if any at vickymustdie@indiatimes.com

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    Post =-0


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    Hey carlosa69

    I'd Be Glad to Help with any aspect of this site. Its a great idea. I part own and run a pro webdesign company in australia with more than 20 staff (which is alot for a website design co). I can help with anything from Design, Management, Coding, basically Anything to do with flash, or websites

    I have done a Diploma in It Web covering:
    Work Teams
    site Layouts
    (i'm still currently studying)

    Just email me at Romeomd@iprimus.com.au and i can tell you whatever you need to know.

    Our site is down atm, as we have been extremly over flooded with work, but i'd be very glad to give to a portfolio, and lend a hand with your project

    Thanx heaps

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    Count me in

    Count me in!

    I know Flash MX with advanced knowledge of actionscript, dreamweaver, photoshop, javascript,html,illustrator. I'm only 13!
    e-mail me at timhlu@yahoo.com

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    This is what I sent everybody who posted interest:

    The Deal
    Hey, and welcome! This is a preliminary outline for the whole site and our first project; site construction. Below I have a list of people who will be working on the site (as of now). NOTICE: this list means little of anything, my goal is to have a very blurred line between community members and active administrative members. People can easily move up and down on projects.
    The first project is going to be the site, obviously. I'll go further into detail later.
    Our main objective is to further the flash community, and develop and help the upcoming generation of designers and coders. It has been further broken down as fallows:
    1. information - tutorials, articles that will be commonly updated.
    2. community - a community for young web designers with possible message board...
    3. resources - projects such as Flash MX components, somebody discussed Flash Nuke based off of phpnuke (phpnuke.org) etc.
    4. impress - we want to impress people with what cool animations, and show them what we can really do, trying to best exemplify good design and actionscript.
    1. Basically stay involved if you want to continue to be a part of the team. I am sure that at times I'm not just going to be assigning projects, your going to have to make your own projects and find any way to contribute. For projects you can basically do anything you want. I don't want to have to be nagging people to be into this as much as I am, you guys should take your own iniciatives.
    2. No wares or or pirated software. And don't pull the "I lost my serial," nobody is buying it.
    Just got out of exams. Getting started with organization. It's hard to do on my own! I would really appreciate you guys chipping in ideas or anything that comes to mind!
    I just bought hosting with ehostpros.com. No domain yet, we still have to think of a name. Any contributions are welcome :) We have a lot still to cover monetarily speaking that is.

    Organization - The grass routes
    Backend/ XML/ Actionscripting:
    Flash => PHP <=> mySQL => XML => Flash
    A walk through a general request from our site:
    1. User clicks on the "tutorials" section within flash.
    2. Flash passes variables onto PHP, and waits for an XML connection to be made.
    3. PHP gets all the listed tutorials from PHP and outputs it as an XML document.
    4. Flash gets all of the articles from the PHP outputted XML and prints a list of the tutorials.
    Communication with each other and actionscripters is going to be vital here.
    We also need to create an administrative section where admins can upload their articles and tutorials to mySQL.
    Design is going to be difficult for us all to stay on the same page. I was developing one design if you guys want to see it. We need to make sure to maintain standardized and uniform design. We will start off by people just making basic layouts maybe sketches or whatever of what they think the themes should be. We should talk chat (mIRC) about design.

    The Site Team
    carlosgaguilar@yahoo.com - design / director
    federico@agrarias.net - design - layout
    risky@dsl.pipex.com - design - pixels
    tim@timsantor.com - design - futuristic
    ben_debnam@hotmail.com - design - cartoonist
    bombman44@attbi.com - design - intern
    jpike@socal.rr.com - backend
    azflsite@yahoo.com - databasing particularly, php and backend
    fu_ming_xia@hotmail.com - xml / flash, backend
    covenent1@yahoo.com - actionscript (has already started to work with me)
    misha_denil@hotmail.com - actionscript
    Who am I missing??? Think you definitely deserve to be on here? Go ahead send me a letter, convince me (works, examples are good convincers)! The teams are very flexible as of now. I want to see who is making real initiatives.

    EMAIL ME: Don't want to work on this project? Think you should be working on this project? Email me....
    I want everybody involved in this project to email me with their thoughts, information. I want your guys full names (so I won't have to keep referring to you by email), any instant messaging service screen names or numbers, where you live (for time zone purposes) and tell me how much of this information I can redistribute to the other members, or other people working on this project. I'm also going to set up ftp accounts for the people working on this project. Also the different groups should email each other getting acquainted, and getting started on their tasks and goals. Our official chat client will be mIRC. Official messenger will be MSN (seems to be what most people have, but it isn't imperative that you get it if you don't already have it). Everybody should get mIRC though (mirc.com). LET'S GET STARTED!

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    Hey carlos

    dude i am so pisse di didnt chek this thred a little earlier... damnit well i would be really interested in helping you out if theres positions available but i have soem skills

    Extensive knowledge:
    -Adobe Photoshop 6.0,7.0
    -Adobe premier 6.0
    -image ready7.0<----- kinda dumb i know

    Intermediate knowledge:
    -flash 5.0, mx + actionscripting
    -dreamweaver +html, and some javascript
    -3d studio max r4.0
    -Casmate pro 6.5
    -Acid 3.0
    -soundforge 5.0
    -cool edit 2000 (awesome sound editing program)
    -Corel draw

    some knowledge:
    -after effects 5.0

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    great idea, count me in aswell, graphic designer + flash, xml, xhtml, html, javascript and a tinny bit of php. Mail me info at nprisi@b3design.ch

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    Count me In.

    yeah I'm interested. Please let me have detailed information at my email: jhiten@hotmail.com
    thanks in advance.

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    As a suggestion for a web hosting service that is free, I recommend datazap. http://www.datazap.net You get 99 megs and no banners. THe best part is it's free. Since I am sure you guyz will be working over the internet, I think that free is the best way to go. Then I recommend that you use http://www.dot.tk to get a domain redirection. such as http://www(whatever the da name).tk If you need my help too than email me at fuzion_entity@hotmail.com or fuzionet@2die4.com

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    free is not the best way to go

    Originally posted by Fuzion_Entity
    As a suggestion for a web hosting service that is free, I recommend datazap. http://www.datazap.net You get 99 megs and no banners. THe best part is it's free. Since I am sure you guyz will be working over the internet, I think that free is the best way to go. Then I recommend that you use http://www.dot.tk to get a domain redirection. such as http://www(whatever the da name).tk If you need my help too than email me at fuzion_entity@hotmail.com or fuzionet@2die4.com
    sorry mate, but i totally disagree with the free thing....

    free isnt necessarily better...

    what would we do if datazap started charging... or we took up too much bandwidth.... ?

    $50 US for 1 year hosting with http://www.hosttoday.co.uk is pennies a day....

    i have 2 accounts with them... and its 100% uptime so far... and an excellent deal... with great support.

    as for a .com .... try $20 US.... http://www.ukreg.com

    easy street

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    Re: loops

    Originally posted by carlosa69
    can anybody do good loops her? I'm looking for a sound guy with good oringinal work. As always all aplicants are welcome thoutgh
    You found your man, carlos! If it's not too late to join your entourage =O) I'm a former DJ, at least in the secular world, but I still make mixtapes with Christian music. I have scores of loops and samples (not to mention an extensive MP3 collection). If you're interested, give me a hollar (check my contact info) and let me know what kinds of loops you're looking for. By the way, I'm also a graphic designer and a Flash-a-holic.

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    right behind you....
    Hey, I'd like to help too, if its not too late.

    On a scale of 1/10 I have a knowledge of:

    Photoshop 6.0/7.0 - 9/10
    Flash/ActionScript - 7/10
    HTML - 3/10
    C (not that it would help or anything ) - 6/10

    I'm 14 and would love to help.

    I already sent you an email.

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