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Thread: Been getting strange emails lately??

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    I got one with the subject of "Re:". The body is all HTML code then some jargon. No attachment.

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    Originally posted by tonytryout
    You can set the Outlook to stop opening up the attachments automatically. I don't remember where I read this. Will keep you posted.
    that doesnt work .. it opens auto .. even if you disable that function .. first you have to instaal a patch .. thrust me i learned it the hard way

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    Hi i have recently been sent 21 viruses within 3 days from hotmail, msn accounts

    my outlook (PC) asks when i click on it save it 2 disc or open it.

    i click cancel and delete it

    rule for me is if u dont know the sender dont open it, and if its an exe or scr from a friend ask them if they sent it

    save lots of pain in the long run

    they joys of modern living

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    Use Eudora to stop all mails above 10k coming in - that covers the majority of plain txt mail. You can then download individual big messages independently of others.

    Also you can open the in.mbx file in Notepad to read suspect emails away from any prog that might execute them for you.
    Also Also Eudora has a nifty thing called "Don't run exceutables in HTML content"

    I've been using Eudora for 10 years and had no probs wiht viruses.... back in the days of Netscape 1.12


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    I received several of these emails and actually contracted the virus (no virus protection at that moment). It was the Elkern variant. It's a nasty bugger.

    It's pretty easy to remove. Got to Norton and download this if you were thick-headed enough to open the email (like myself ): http://securityresponse.symantec.com...oval.tool.html


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    General Security Advice!

    One thing you can do is to change the file extensions that these files open with to notepad. E.g anything with .vbs, .scr etc. can be set to open in notepad and thus the code will not execute. This obviously wont work if you work with these file extensions on a day by day basis but it will provide some protection for you.

    Also download and install Tiny Personal Firewall or Zone Alarm. Even if you use a modem they are worth it (I found out the hard way!!!). If you dont know what a firewall is then go here: http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/f/firewall.html This is the first set to protecting your machine. They can't stop everything but they will stop a lot!

    Next obvious step is the virus scan, regularly updated of course! And if you can set up a proxy server as well.

    If you have an old PC lying around that you don't use then do it. A proxy will render all of the computers behind it invisible to any would be hackers. Coupled with a firewall and you're well on your way!

    Oh and backup, backup, backup, backup, backup!! Wise wise words believe me!

    If you are getting a load of junk mail in a Hotmail account set the junk mail filter to "Exclusive" then you will get NO junk mail to your inbox, but geniune emails may get dumped there aswell. I just check everyday and pick up the ones which aren't junk.

    Hope that's helpful


    Ps. to stay on topic I've had no signs of Klez to any of my accounts!

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    I highly recommend CookieCop Plus (download free from PC Magazine

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