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    hi guys!
    ..well.. firstly i wanna ask if anyones getting any DENIED or FORBIDDEN entrance or something or rather? i was trying to get into this board thingy and type up this message and it kept on sending me there.. mm.. anyway
    what i wanna ask u is..
    -is it just me or cant u all understand the tutorials?
    .. well.. i must say im not very GOOD.. im aktually very bad at flash and actionscripting but.. i know how to make squares and draw triangles... gasp.. and i know masks and stuph.. well what im getting at is.. well i try to read stuff in the actionscripting and .. well.. i dont get it.. ?.. i have no idea why u getproperty blah and make this blah.. well just wanted to etll u.. well cya peoples..

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    It's not just you. There may be other thick-headed Flashers out there who don't fully understand everything about Flash the first time they read it...
    Personally I think that this process is one of the most engaging things about learning Flash: Frustration, Confusion, Frustration, Confusion, Frustration, Frustration, Frustration... Aha!
    Unlike graphic design there is a definitive "puzzle-solving" thrill in Flash.

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