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    Argh! Help!

    I have a file that I have created on a Macintosh. Which works fine on a macintosh - but not on any of the other PCs around the office.

    Essentially, the crux of the problem is that there's a load of duplicate movie clips flying about. So as to mask them off into a neat area, I have a movie clip that sits on top of them all...

    Now I send that movieclip to the far reaches of the stacking order by this command:

    duplicateMovieClip ("_root.mask", "topmask", 9999999999999999999);

    This works just fine on my precioussssss Mac, but when the SWF is opened on a PC - it just doesn't work and all those randomly duplicating movie clips appear over the top of my frame.

    What gives?

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    I seem to remember there may be a maximum depth in Flash. I am not 100% sure. I have looked around and can't find any articles on it so maybe I've been dreaming, but try giving the mask mc a depth of 9999 if that is still above everything else.

    Let me know if it works either way,


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