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    I have a simple game that produces the number:


    I want to make a highscore list offline.

    Exclusively in Flash, I cant make a highscore list offline unless I have MX I am told.

    I use Flash 5 on a Mac.

    Can I put the flash game into Director and have it extract that number from the flash game, into director, to make a scoreboard?

    If so, how would be the best way to do it?!



    From "Movie Properties", my flash game dimensions are 550 x 400.

    I have no elements in my game that extend beyond these dimensions yet, when I play the movie, I get black margins on either side.



    HELP ON EITHER IS WELCOME! Feel free to email direct!

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    I can't reallly help you with the Director thing, as far as I know Director handles flash the same way it handles quicktime, or images. It is just another object, and it can't really grab info from the flash piece and use it in director, then again the last time I used Director was Director7. As far as the margins go, if it is set right in your movie properties maybe it is a problem with your publish settings. Check to make sure that however you are publishing that the output is set to match movie properties.

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    Passing Data from Flash to Director

    Passing data, events, and even Lingo from Flash to Director (i.e. you import your Flash movie as a Director cast member) is a pretty easy and very powerful thing (and ye, you can do it in Director 7). It's all done with Flash's GetURL action (much like you can call JavaScript with GetURL). Since I;'m not sure how your movie is set up, I'll give you a few examples; you should be able to figure you way out from there.

    To play a Director Cast Member sound (with puppetSound) from within Flash, simply put this code where you want in your Flash movie (on a frame or a button, for example):

    getURL("lingo: puppetSound \"name of sound\"");

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    Got Cut Off

    My other post got cut off. To do a more complicated action, you need to create a Movie Script in Director give it a custom handler, like:

    on flashClick me
    put all your Lingo here
    end flashClick

    then put your handler call in your Flash movie (use event instead of Lingo):

    getURL("event: flashClick");

    You can even get more complicated; to change the Director (actually the system) volume from Flash:

    (in Director)
    on changeVolume me, theVolume
    the soundLevel = theVolume
    end changeVolume

    (in Flash)
    getURL("event: changeVolume, 2");

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