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Thread: Simple Line graphics

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    I have drawn paths around some devices like an imac and a laptop in photoshop then exported them to illustrator to finish them off. When viewed in illustrator they have simple thin oultines and appear very crisp and sharp. Trouble is when imported into Flash the outlines appear much heavier so when scaled down to required size of about 120 px square, large areas of complex lines appear as a mess of black and the detail is lost. Does anyone know how to keep thin vector lines to maintain clarity?


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    select all your lines, and find the "stroke" panel, you should be able to lower the line weight there.

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    I do all that. In illustrator the stroke is less than Hairline width, about 0.08 cm but it seems as though Flash has a minimum thickness and won't go any lower. How do others get over this?

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    Well I have got the lines as thin as possible at 0.1 but when the vector images are scaled they still loose their line definition as it doesn't keep the thickness proportional, guess that will have to do.

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    in illustrator set stroke to outline. This causes the strokes be the "same in proportion" when you scale up or down. Might also fix your problem in flash.

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