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Thread: source edit prob in ie5 for mac

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    sorry guys and gals this may seem sooooooooosimple...but....how can i edit the html code in macie5??? short of having to write on the screen with a pen, I cannot for the life of me edit the source code. On IE5 for the PC all you have to do is "View source" and go for it..the macs ie5 seems a little protective...could any one shed any light please.

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    hmmm, I don't think you can, at least i never have or tried to. I use Adobe GolLive for my web page editing. You might be able to use simple text, I never tried it, it might leave artifacts in the code, so that might not be a good idea.

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    You can't. IE on the PC opens notepad to view source, on a mac it's just a window.
    You can use simple text, and browsers shouldn't mind the mac line returns.
    I use BBEdit (Lite is free) from http://www.barebonessoftware.com

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