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Thread: Quicktime HELL- please help!

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    I'm trying to publish a QT- from this flash movie I've created (in v.4 on my Mac). I have a music track on the scene- and the movie is a bunch of daisy chained MCs. The problem is that the music stops at the first stop action on my scene-- so the other MCs play on but without and music.

    Is there a way to fix this problem? -- other than making one long ass scene??

    Thanks for any help!

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    Have you tried putting the sound in it's own movie clip...i'm not sure i quite get your question though...

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    Before you change anything export a swf
    Open the swf with quicktime and try it
    if it works right save as selfcontained.
    If it still works change the extention to .mov
    If it does the same as when you publish tell me
    What is the purpose of the stop action?

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    I work on a Mac but for this you need to go to a PC. This app will do exactly what you need.


    I used it and it does work. It will even work if your flash file is reading dynamic content as long as it can see it while it's doing the conversion.

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