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Thread: Burning hybrid cds

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    I am trying to burn a hybrid pc/mac cd by following the instructions in the FAQ posting in the "Macintosh" category.
    I have four problems.

    First of all, the autorun file for the pc doesn't work.

    Second of all, the windows icon I created from Iconographer (the free program downloaded from the web) doesn't show up. Just the regular diamond-shaped projector icon does.

    Three, and most important of all, is that there is a huge problem with the pc files:
    At the end of the flash projector, it gets the url of an html file that is found in the "files" folder. When the movie tries to get the url from the cd, it says it can't find the "file:///DI/...". I have no idea where the "DI" came from! Like I said, the html files are in a folder called "files" that is on the same level as the projector.

    Fourth, is also with the pc files. At the end of my flash projector are buttons that when clicked get the url of different html files. These don't work.

    Obviously there is something wrong with the way I'm burning the pc files, because the Macintosh ones are fine. I am burning using Toast 5.01 on a Macintosh G4 computer with Mac OS 9.

    Can someone tell me how best to organize the files.

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    pc mac

    below is a post i just sent to someone who was going the other way. The solution is the same.
    You have one other issue -- the custom icons.
    macs use the resource fork to store icons. PC software does not have a resource fork only a data fork.So you can forget um on a PC.

    mac pc
    1. flash files created on a pc are not compatable with mac except over the net.
    2. hqx is the extention used by a mac compression utility called stuffit.
    3. Macs dont use or need extentions.
    4. there is also a path problem that has to be overcome.(macs dont use drives.)
    Use the swf files and tie the whole thing together with html. This will launch the users browser and it will sort out all the problems just as if it were on the web.
    The only thing extra I put on my cds is links to download the latest flash plugin for both mac and pc.
    I hope this helps.

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    Thank you so much for your help!

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