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Thread: Loaded or target movie control ?

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    Hey guys,

    I have another question for yas . Ok, I am making a CD portfolio for my different school projects and I am trying to load different swf movies into my projects sections using the Load movie feature.

    My question is, I am able to load them on another layer j
    ust fine, but is there any way to exit the top layer without closing the whole project? When the new movie loads on top of the other original it takes up the whole window and there is no place to escape the new movie layer without closing the whole window.

    Also, I tried loading the movie into a target movieclip but I could'nt get it to work. Does the target movieclip have to be a specific type of file? All I did was create a new movieclip and placed a white 640x480 rectangle for the new movie to load into. Am I doing something wrong? When I am defining the target I just put the name of the moviecip with the white box in it right?

    Thanks in advance, you guys rock!!


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    Hi! if i understood you right, the thing you did is loading the movie in the 0 level, so it takes the whole movie as its container.

    What you have to do is:
    * define a new movie clip, can be empty inside... just have in mind that when you load a moive clip the upper-left corner of the swf youre loading, its loaded in the center point of the containing movie clip.
    * you have to give the containing movie clip an instance name i.e.: "pearljam" (im a fan), in the instance panel.
    * the action script line for loading must be:
    loadMovie("yourmovie.swf", _root.pearljam);
    "_root" its used if you are in the main time line.
    hope we have understood each other.
    good luck!

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