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Thread: Question 2 Tweening VS Action Script

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    When moving symbols within a movie, is it more efficient to use action script to move your symbols from point A to point B?

    Can anyone point me to a tutorial on doing so?

    Thanks Much!!!!!


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    I'd really only use code for the job if the movement is variable - ie, you want some random movement or in response to events like mouse movement. If it's going to be the same move everytime the movie plays, then quicker & easier to set up a tween. As far as processing load goes, there isnt any discernable difference.

    For tutes, http://www.actionscript.org has a couple on scripted movement and plenty more besides.

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks for the insight

    Hey thanks Mac.

    I will check out the tutorials. The biggest question for me was the overhead, and if script does not reduce that then I will stick with a tween.

    Thanks again.


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