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We've had some requests to simplify the Load Movie FAQ answer (for the question: How do I use SWfX-generated SWFs with Macromedia Flash [LoadMovie vs. Import]).

This is a draft. The FAQ will be updated in the coming month. If you have comments to this, please post. If you have other questions that you'd like to see in the FAQ, also please post those.



There are two ways of working with SWfX-generated SWFs with larger Flash projects.

One option is to import your SWF into Flash. However, Flash can only import certain Flash 4 files into Flash. Because of the actionscript contained in WildFX, you can not import most Flash 4 SWfX into Flash, but you can import all SWfX-generated Flash 3 (non-highlighted) effects. Simply select "File" -> "Import".

The other option, which works with all SWfX effects, is to employ the "Load Movie" action. You will need to align your SWF with your larger Flash file. There are ways of making alignment within your Flash movies easier.

The one thing that you always need to remember when you load an SWF into an empty Movie Clip, is that the upper left hand corner of the SWF you are loading is placed at the center point of the empty Movie Clip.

So, one way to simplify matters is to make your SWfX animation the same size as your main movie. Then, place your animation where you want it to appear, and place the empty Movie Clip at 0,0.

Alternatively, of course, you can make your SWfX animation any size you want, and then just place the empty Movie Clip in Flash where you want the upper left corner of your SWfX animation to appear.

If you are more into ActionScript, and you want to set the X- and Y-coordinates dynamically, you may do so using the "SetProperty" ActionScript (and the _x and _y properties) to move the empty Movie Clip into its proper position. To find the current coordinates of a movie, make sure the object inspector is open (Window -> Inspectors -> Object) and then select your object on the stage. For the purposes of this action, make certain that “Use Center Point” is not checked.

These methods should make it easier to align and place your movie. In
addition, you can use ActionScript to skew, scale, rotate, and change the alpha value of any loaded movie via the "Load Movie" command. Tweens may also be applied to the target movie clip to transform and move the effect on the stage.