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Thread: Controlling the timeline on an external SWF

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    I am doing a website that for budget and time sake can not be done entirely in Flash. So... What I have done is create the homepage in flash and the rest in HTML.

    However I want to make my navigation and header to the HTML pages flash as well. So with that said here is my question.

    Can I control the movie on the homepage via a button on a different page. For example, When you click the Home button I want it not only to take them to the homepage but start playing the movie on the homepage at a certain frame.

    I have a few things that happen when you first visit the page that I don't want to have to show over and over each time the user returns to the home page.

    So, from one swf on a different page than the main sfw, can a button control the timeline? If yes, any help would be great.

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    I dont know if flash can do what you are asking, but, there is more than one way to skin a cat! If you are using ASP wny not use an IF Then statement to control the content, that way, when your viewers are coming froma certain page, you can contrl what they see and play a different movie alltogether. Hope this helps =|

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